Resources for Phosphate

Free Automatic

Dishwasher Detergents


57 Depot Baileys Harbor

Town Square Merchant Baileys Harbor

Greens N Grains Egg Harbor

Main Street Market Egg Harbor

Julie’s Upscale Resale Sister Bay

Piggy Wiggly Supermarket Sister Bay

Bley’s Grocery Jacksonport

Econo Foods Sturgeon Bay

Pic ‘N’ Save Sturgeon Bay

Target Sturgeon Bay

The Healthy Way Sturgeon Bay

WalMart Sturgeon Bay

Welsing’s Foodlland Valmy


Phosphate Free Automatic Dishwashing Detergents



Citrus Magic Gel

Ecover Tablets

Method Dish Cubes

Palmolive Eco

Planet Powder

Seventh Generation

Shaklee Powder

Sun & Earth Tablet

Trader Joe's



Lawn Fertilizers

When buying lawn fertilizers, remember that each manufacturer makes several formulas. The only way to be sure your lawn fertilizer has no phosphates is to look at the middle number on the bag or box   label. It should read zero, like this:



This list is expanding slowly. If you find additional resources or products, please notify BSPOA by contacting Betty Parsons at: or 920.743.2303


For further information regarding the phosphate reduction program contact: